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muzmatch — the way the 100 % free App is Revolutionizing Dating for Thousands of Single Muslims throughout the world

19 Tháng Ba, 2023

The small type: numerous Muslim singles are finding that contemporary matchmaking landscape can pose numerous special problems. Degree of religiosity, sect, family members back ground, and ethnicity, among other factors, are often leading of brain whenever getting a compatible spouse. Consequently, significantly more than 300,000 Muslims have actually looked to muzmatch for help. The complimentary internet dating application’s two major look characteristics, Discover and Explore, work methods for singles to locate and bond with others which communicate their particular Islamic principles and philosophy. It really is an absolutely personal, community-rated, and protected program in which a great deal of contemporary Muslims tend to be satisfying their particular spirit mates.


In relation to matchmaking for Muslims, Shahzad Younas, President and Founder of muzmatch, mentioned a number of distinctive facets need to be considered, including faith, family members back ground, and ethnicity, among others. There’s a focus on matrimony early on, the guy noted, and casual dating as a concept does not fit most unmarried Muslims.

“If you communicate with Muslim folks in town, when you look at the West particularly, absolutely a genuine social problem of young adults discovering partners,” he stated.

Muslim parents discourage casual dating, but, at exactly the same time, they place stress to their youngsters to have hitched, Shahzad told us, producing young adults feel torn between these scenarios.

When Shahzad identified this disagreement and started examining exactly what methods happened to be available to choose from, the guy understood every present online dating services were extremely expensive, old-fashioned, uncomfortable, and provided a broad annoying user experience. Nothing truly struggled to obtain modern Muslims finding a partner, so the guy chose to generate a remedy and launched muzmatch in April 2015.

“As an elementary assumption, we’re basically trying to grab the good stuff from Western relationship programs and overlay that with Islamic sensibilities in an excellent, thoroughly clean manner in which is proven to work,” the guy stated.

And it’s really working, with about 8,000 users effectively involved or hitched. Shahzad informed all of us muzmatch recently practiced a giant success when one individual joined and discovered their great match within 3 days — and she actually is now happily married.

Shahzad additionally fondly recalls when a male user from Uganda emailed muzmatch provide thank you for their part in assisting him get a hold of his companion, who he recently wed, on the software.

“I remember thinking ‘Really don’t think we’ve got numerous members in Uganda,'” he mentioned. “I seemed when you look at the database, and literally he was the actual only real guy and she ended up being truly the only girl on muzmatch in the whole of Uganda. To allow them to find one another and obtain hitched had been fairly remarkable.”

a system in which 300,000+ Members tend to be Connecting

muzmatch is really successful, with over 300,000 members across the world. Almost half the application’s users are from the UK, Shahzad said, with another third from US and Canada. The areas using subsequent highest amount of customers are European countries and Australia. muzmatch can also be huge in Indonesia and chicken, plus the staying members are scattered throughout 160 nations.

An average muzmatch user is 27 yrs old, and membership is two-thirds male and one-third feminine, which Shahzad said is actually range together with other dating apps. The guy told us more than 70per cent associated with the software’s users have at the least a university education.

muzmatch account spans the world, and several consumers tend to be open to finding matches far away since it expands their unique potential matchmaking swimming pool.

“We’ve got individuals from Morocco find some body from the asia,” the guy mentioned. “Absolutely an actual blend of people who find themselves willing to take a trip. That is something that’s fascinating about all of our app — men and women are willing and prepared for examining folks in other countries as well as venturing out here and satisfying the families.”

Shahzad mentioned a large number of the successes they’ve had have-been couples from different ethnicities and backgrounds just who never ever would normally have fulfilled.

“One thing that’s common for the Muslim area is people typically search along cultural lines or household backgrounds because family is a huge part of Muslim wedding on both edges,” he said. “But we have found with these app with all the achievements we have now got, we have had many interethnic marriages, which we are really happy with. I believe that’s the progressive character of what we should’re performing.”

Shahzad stated they will have in addition discussed to individuals with different experiences, such as those with divorces or young children from other marriages, who had given up on discovering some body but discovered success with muzmatch.

Verification & Privacy qualities enhance your convenience & Safety

Another thing that renders muzmatch distinctive is actually its extensive verification process, Ryan Brodie, muzmatch’s CTO and Co-Founder, told us. Every profile is manually vetted by administrator group.

muzmatch verifies users by SMS communications and also by GPS place. The team also employs a selfie verification procedure, and Ryan said muzmatch could be the basic matchmaking app to achieve that.

Consumers also provide the opportunity to hold their particular photographs concealed until they are ready and can utilize a nickname. This can help members believe convenient until they learn someone much better, and it keeps them anonymous from family and friends.

muzmatch also offers a characteristic that caters to the requirements of more traditional Muslim daters.

“If family members contribution is important for you, it is actually for a number of our consumers, it is possible to include a chaperone within knowledge,” Ryan said.

Your selected family member or good friend have the means to access all your task from inside the software, and it’s clear to both daters a chaperone occurs.

“We’re solving problems and certainly will keep consitently the traditionalist happy in that way,” Ryan stated.

Discover & enjoy Tools support you in finding the right Match

muzmatch’s application has two locations where you could meet various other Muslim singles. The foremost is Discover.

“For find, we use a formula like Tinder that stacks close by users that would be fascinating to you personally,” Ryan mentioned.

Members can like or give each individual, and if both sides like both, the pair can start talking.

One other instrument is enjoy, which Ryan stated the guy finds more interesting because it only filters various other singles by get older and area.

“We’re really very excited about bringing individuals from different backgrounds collectively and revealing you individuals who might not be within quick filter systems but they are nonetheless relevant to you,” the guy said.

muzmatch: On a goal to Modernize the Muslim Dating Experience

Shahzad has actually usually caused it to be their purpose to produce today’s, top-notch matchmaking app for Muslims.

“One thing that’s truly been lacking in the Muslim area is the fact that high quality was not truth be told there,” the guy stated. “Should you examine different Muslim solutions available to you, web pages or application, they’re very awful — i have attempted all of them, and it’s really a shame.”

From the start, Shahzad stated he’s directed to manufacture muzmatch top-quality and satisfy exactly what the guy calls the Western requirement.

“our very own clients are all utilizing Instagram and WhatsApp and Twitter, as well as learn a great app whenever they view it, so it is about ensuring we squeeze into that classification,” the guy mentioned. “muzmatch views it self as a high-tech organization with a top club.”

This means Shahzad’s’ purpose for 2018 is not just develop the app’s consumers, brand, and consciousness, and to improve the software further with the addition of features and that makes it actually sleeker and user-friendly.

Shahzad mentioned the app is continuing to grow nearly totally naturally, and it is one Muslim-centric company to ever end up being supported by Y Combinator, a prominent seed accelerator in Silicon Valley. Despite the positive results, Shahzad said it’s important to him, and area of the organization’s social duty, maintain the app free of charge.

“We’re a premium item and all of the additional functions tend to be covered, but a very important factor we’ve tried to carry out from day one is have a very capable, really top-quality no-cost software so fundamentally men and women are able to use our very own application to complement, chat, information someone, and acquire married without paying a cent,” Shahzad stated. “we should ensure we are the number one solution out there for Muslims looking for a partner.”


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